Manny's named one of Zagat's Top 25 hotel restaurants in the U.S.

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Zagat's declares Manny's manly and tasty
Manny's Steakhouse, housed in the W Minneapolis Hotel, proves that hotel fare in the Twin Cities need not be boring or bland. Zagat listed the Best Hotel Restaurants in 25 Big Cites (in the U.S.) and Manny's came out on top in Minneapolis. USA Today picked up the story, which featured a chart that described the place as a tasty and macho beef den.

"The aura of power and testosterone suffuses this energetic meat emporium with scrumptious huge steaks and megasize sides," was the survey's exact report on the restaurant, which definitely pleased Parasole's founder, Phil Roberts.

What a nice honor to be on a Zagat list with the likes of Joël Robuchon and Jean George Vongerichten, whose restaurants at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and Trump International in New York, respectively, also made the list. Or as the Parasole email blast spins it -- how lucky for those Michelin 3-star chefs to be put in a class with Manny's Steakhouse.

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