Marijuana soda soars high without smoke

Cana Cola
"12 mind-blowing ounces" in various flavors
​Move over Four Loko and whiskey-in-a-can. Clay Butler, an entrepreneur in California, is developing Canna Cola, a soft drink that contains THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.

He plans to produce a line of sodas that includes a Dr. Pepper-like Doc Weed, lemon-lime Sour Diesel, grape-flavored Grape Ape, and orange-flavored Orange Kush. These "12 mind-blowing ounces" of the pot-meets-pop will cost $10 to $15.

But where can you get one?

Butler plans to market his new product to medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado and California, though he doesn't use marijuana for medicinal or recreational purpose, he told the Santa Cruz Sentinel. One of his focuses in this project is to create a more savvy branding for his product.

You look at all the marijuana products out there, and they are so mom-and-pop, hippie-dippy, and rinky-dink," he said. "If someone can put every color on the rainbow on it, they do. If they can pick the most inappropriate and unreadable fonts, they will. And there's marijuana leaves on everything. It's a horrible cliché in the industry.

Incidentally, Canna Cola's slogan is "Canna Cola--Just Say Yes."

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Funny: he snubs the leaf as cliche, only to include it on his bottles.

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