Most anticipated restaurant openings of 2011

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​Based on reader response, Shakey's may be the average City Pages reader's most highly anticipated restaurant opening this year. (This April in Plymouth, everybody!)

Here are five other soon-to-open eateries that the Hot Dish is especially excited about.

After 2009's Best Restaurant--Minneapolis was taken out in a fire last February, Stewart Woodman, a.k.a. Shefzilla, and his wife, Heidi, have been busily rebuilding their legacy. The new spot, in the former Vera's at Lyn-Lake, banks on the idea that the Heidi's concept--a "four-star dining experience at two-star prices," as they describe it--will go over just as well with a younger, broker, more fickle demographic than the one surrounding their old spot at 50th and Bryant. Has Uptown grown up since the Woodmans ran Five? We can't wait to find out. The opening is scheduled for 1/11/11, and the restaurant is accepting reservations.

Heidi and Stewart Woodman.jpg
Heidi and Stewart Woodman are reopening their restaurant in T minus 1 week.

Steven Brown, another one of the Twin Cities' most lauded chefs, is striking out on his own and launching his new restaurant, Tilia, as an owner-operator. He's starting small, in Rice Paper's old home in Linden Hills, with a brief menu that merges both fine dining dishes and humble comfort foods. No opening date is set, but gift certificates are available.


The Donut Cooperative
We started hearing about the Donut Cooperative last summer when its owners started raising funds via Kickstarter. And we've been hearing about all sorts of vegan, glazed, cream-filled wonders from every media outlet in town. But collaborative efforts take time--lots of it. There are Donut Cooperative T-shirts for sale, They've appeared at various events in the past several months and, for a brief window, via delivery, but that aspect is on hold while the retail space is being designed.

Bread & Pickle
Kim Bartmann already has a crew of successful restaurants under her belt (Barbette, Bryant-Lake Bowl, Red Stag), and several others on the way. There's the Gigi's redo at 36th and Bryant, Pat's Tap at 35th and Nicollet, and, the one we're most excited about, Bread & Pickle in the Lake Harriet concessions. Forget popcorn and ice cream sandwiches, Bartmann is planning some lovely sounding picnic foods--cold sandwiches and salads or European-style collections of bread, cheese, and charcuterie. Expected opening: April 1.

Masu Sushi & Robata

We can't ever get enough sushi, and except for Obento Ya, we can't even find enough robata, so we're very much looking to the combination's arrival in the former Let's Cook space on East Hennepin--especially because Tim McKee's doing the menu and it also includes his take on soba, udon, and ramen noodles. Expected opening: mid-March.

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David D.
David D.

Sorry to break everyone's hopes, I just talked to Shakey's Pizza's corporate office and they have no knowledge of a Shakey's opening in April in Plymouth or anywhere else in Minnesota anytime in the near future.


Shakeys is disgusting why would anyone be excited about that comin to the cities?

Poppa Jacks Pizza
Poppa Jacks Pizza

vegan, glazed, cream-filled wonders, sorry forgot to include in last post . lol. :)

Poppa Jacks Pizza
Poppa Jacks Pizza

I'm thinking the new McDonalds, opening in Lakeville-3/11 -- with filling McSnack wraps©, including a new Ceasar-style, and a twist on French Fries - each stuck up Ronald Reagan McDonalds Ass for that assy flavor Americans apparently crave......


Sooooooo excited about Tilia. The accessible-to-all-Farm-to-Table is much needed in the Twin Cities.

Andy Lien
Andy Lien

Check the date on the Heidi's opening--you may want to fix the typo.

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