Sopranos Italian Kitchen to replace Ringo's with JP Samuelson at the helm

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Sopranos logo.jpg
The Sopranos move into Ringo's grave.
Kaskaid Hospitality, parent company of the CRAVE restaurant chain, is having a busy winter. After recently taking over Palomino's space downtown, the Talebi brothers are planning to launch Sopranos Italian Kitchen with chef J.P. Samuelson, most recently of Solera, in the kitchen.

Sopranos will take over the old Ringo space in the West End in St. Louis Park, right by an existing--and hugely popular--CRAVE. Here's what's in store:

Kaskaid is promising house-made pasta, wood-fired steaks, a daily-changing antipasta bar, and, following the trend started by Scusi in St. Paul, wine in kegs. Samuelson, who established credibility with Italian fare during his time with D'Amico and fresh, seasonal cooking at his JP American Bistro, should put a contemporary spin on classic dishes.

Shea Architecture Inc. and interior design firm Kamarron Design are redoing the space, which is scheduled to open in March.

Sopranos outside.jpg
Sopranos Italian Kitchen
The Shops at West End
5331 West 16th St., St. Louis Park

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Bill Yrock
Bill Yrock

They were taking down the Ringo signs today and putting up the Soprano's signs... also, it looks like Little Schezuan has begun construction on their space in the West End next to The Cooper pub..

Fair Sense!
Fair Sense!

SopranosBarely a restaurant, but already discriminating.

Not even a few weeks before this apparent anticipated restaurant which is slated to open in March, already has come under scrutiny of management being discriminative in its hiring process. Words being used like, “I’m going to be riding your tail and busting your chops all the time” is a brief description of what one manager had to say to an applicant. This being another restaurant owned by the Crave franchise I am saddened to see how its management team has put a damper on a name that stands for good environment, friendly staff and not being an equal opportunity employer.


I heard that at the end of dinner service each night, the whole place just fades to black...


Mark my words: Kaskaid Hospitality is expanding too fast and seems destined to repeat the rise and fall of other successful restaurants that reach too far and then collapse under their own weight. All it takes are a few bad decisions --and the seem impulsive enough to fall victim.

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