Aperitif's Nonni's Meatballs: 100 Favorite Dishes, No. 83

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Sara Rice
You wish your grandmother made meatballs this good
Some Italian food falls into the "boring red sauce" category--lackluster canned tomato-like product ladled over pasta in all shapes and sizes served with a side of equally mundane cheese.

Aperitif's Nonni's meatballs is just the opposite--it's the red sauce that makes the dish, thanks to a special ingredient.

Sara Rice
The liberal serving of meatballs are made with a moist, savory mix of ground pork and veal, panko breadcrumbs, and pancetta that's blended so smooth it nearly melts, spreading its meatiness throughout the dish.

But the real star is the borderline-addictive marinara. "We use beer in the sauce," says chef Patrick Matthews. "Right now, it's Coors Light. It adds sweetness without acidity." You probably won't taste the beer, but you'll wonder why you can't stop shoveling it into your mouth.

Add a thick, gooey layer of mozzarella and parmesan over the top, and a portion that could feed a small country (even with the lunch-size portion), and you've got one of our favorite dishes in the Twin Cities.

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