Coffee News' fish and chips: 100 Favorite Dishes, No. 91

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Coffee News fish & chips
Coffee News Cafe sits on a bustling stretch of Grand Avenue, just a block from Macalester College, so it's often filled with studied-out refugees and folks from the neighborhood hunched over laptops or engaged in spirited conversation. But the pleasant spot offers much more than coffee and catching up, including an exquisite, non-traditional fish and chip dish.

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The secret topping for the two battered-and-fried tilapia fillets are coarse breadcrumbs, which cause the fish to come out of the fryer thunderously crunchy and relatively grease free. Lime and seasonings add plenty of zest, as does the house-made tartar sauce studded with pickles, capers, and lemony zip. Use it for the fish or the side of their fresh-cut French fries, topped with plenty of raw, grated garlic. It's quite a palate-socker, but in the most pleasant--though not breath-freshening--way.

1662 Grand Avenue, Saint Paul

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We just were at Coffee News fish and chips We ordered a fish and chips to go. We are very disappointed. It looked nothing like the ad. The fries were mediocre at best.


I worked at this place for 1 day. In my opinion, it's a food-borne illness outbreak waiting to happen. One example (of many) would be the "fresh-cut" fries, AKA a bucket of raw fries in water sitting out on the floor all day in front of the fryer.

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