Girl Scout cookies go high tech

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A little bite of childhood.
In the last day or so, Twitter has exploded with #girlscoutcookies tweets, and with good reason. Green-sashed girls across the country are delivering pre-ordered boxes to homes and offices this week. 

Don't let envy overcome you as the guy in the cubicle next door munches on Samoas. The Girl Scouts have embraced technology to help you satisfy your cookie jones.

If your waistline can't afford to actually eat the cookies, the YouTube Girl Scout cookie channel is the perfect way to get your cookie fix. Videos of fun facts, inspirational info, and dancing cookies are enough to leave you satisfied.

If you've never bought into the visual appetite-suppression thing, you're probably on a mad hunt for those green boxes. A quick visit to the Girl Scout website, will guide you to your nearest local council. You can call or visit the council, or sign up to be notified via email when booth sales start in your area.

Cookie booths run from February 25 to March 20. If you'd rather not be chained to a computer waiting for updates, just grab the Girl Scout Cookie Locator app. 

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Where are those cookies!?!

​The free Kellogg's app lets you find sales in your area, review nutritional facts, and discover your cookie personality. According to the app, "brainy, complex, mysterious" people love Samoas. Which cookie are you?

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