Breast milk ice cream creates a stir

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Mama's milk, frozen not stirred.
Icecreamists, a London-based ice cream shop, has caused quite the commotion in the last several days. While the locals are probably accustomed to the shop's nightclub atmosphere and leather clad inhabitants, even they weren't prepared for the controversial new menu item introduced last week, when the creamery introduced Londoners to breast milk ice cream.

Yes, you read that correctly. Here's the scoop on the bizarre new flavor.

According to The Guardian, Icecreamists founder Matt O'Connor named his breast milk, vanilla, lemon zest concoction Baby Gaga to make it sound fun. 

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A faux Gaga is the perfect spokesperson for this treat.

Fifteen lactating women pump and provide breast milk for the company, but another 35 have signed up since the ice cream was unveiled. Participants are paid $24 for each 10-ounce donation, which is checked for safety in the same way that blood donations are screened. 

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Breast milk ice cream sits pretty in a martini glass.
No matter how much vanilla and lemon zest O'Connor throws into the mix, there's no way to standardize the flavor of the resulting product. As any mother who's been rejected by a nursing baby after a very garlicky meal can tell you, breast milk's flavor changes with diet and exercise.

But that's not deterring curious customers from coming to the Covent Garden establishment. According to the company's tweets (@theicecreamists), Baby Gaga sold out Friday due to overwhelming customer demand. Given the ice cream's success, it's not hard to imagine an enterprising American embracing the gimmick to get a little more money flowing into their creamery during this tough economic times. 

Are you ready for this trend to reach our shores? Tell us what side you're on and why.

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