"NICE TITS" candy heart shocks sixth-grader

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A candy heart message too racy for TV.
It's every parent's worst nightmare: Your kid gets a bag of those Valentine candy hearts, and, as if the sugary bits weren't polluting their bloodstream enough, now you've gotta worry that its messages might sexually harass your little SWEETIE or CUTIE PIE.

That's what happened to a 12-year-old California girl when she busted into a bag of Brach's conversation hearts and found one that read: "NICE TITS." She told KCRA television that she found it "kind of shocking."

The girl's parents, one of whom spoke on camera with a bluetooth in his ear (WHA? Was he really going to take a call mid-interview?) thought it was a not-so-funny Valentine. Fortunately, the family decided to simply contact the candy maker and asked them to investigate and aren't going to sue. Perhaps Rep. Dennis Kucinich, who recently settled a lawsuit with a Capitol Hill cafeteria over an olive pit, could have taken their cue.

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