Porter & Frye's El Pelon: 100 Favorite Dishes, No. 90

el pelon.jpg
Pretty crystals pack a smooth, spicy punch
​Craft cocktails are rapidly becoming a way of life here in the Twin Cities, and while a welcome trend, it sometimes leads to drinks that are a little too weighty, both in concept and construction. Not so with Porter & Frye's El Pelon, a crisp yet spicy tequila concoction whose tiny crystals call out to you with a cucumber and lime siren song. This green-goddess-hued libation may conjure memories of a relaxing spa visit, or the moment you had your first shot of quality tequila. Then the jalapeno chimes in and gently but firmly jolts you back to your present reality.

Not a bad reality at that--sitting at the P&F bar and sipping your
Don Julio Blanco-based beauty amongst the well-heeled hotel guests. Let
them think you just spent hours at the Ivy Spa and are ending the magic
with a quaff that feels quite healthy going down.

porter and frye.jpg
The bar glows with anticipation for El Pelon...

But don't be fooled by El Pelon's smooth approach and gorgeous appearance. "The bald guy," as it is translated into English, is not afraid to use his equal measures of heat, strength, citrus, and vegetable to lure you
in and make you his mistress.

el pelon 2.jpg
In all his glory

1115 2nd Ave. S., Minneapolis

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