Stockholm Pie Company's peanut butter fudge cream pie: 100 Favorite Dishes, No. 98

Peanut Butter Fudge Cream Pie.jpg
The pie that will ruin your life
​Standing at the counter of the cute little Stockholm Pie Company in the cute little town of Stockholm, Wisconsin, you may not be aware that you've walked into a den of iniquity. The apple-cheeked proprietor asks you in a suspiciously friendly manner what kind of pie you'd like. Your eye wanders to something on the menu called Peanut Butter Fudge Cream Pie. Maybe just this once, you say to yourself. Next thing you know, you're living on the street selling your dog into prostitution so you can keep injecting peanut butter fudge into your cholesterol-ridden veins. So sad! You were once a productive member of society.

The ingredients of the pie seem innocent enough, although, of course, they are not. Poppies seem innocent, too. The bottom layer is a Mississippi Mud Pie, the significant components of which are chocolate and butter, like an insanely fudgy brownie. The next layer contains peanut butter, cream cheese, whipped cream, and chopped peanuts.

Janet Garretson, owner of Stockholm Pie Company.jpg
Shop owner Janet Garretson with the instrument of your undoing
Pie chef Janet Garretson says she freezes it so it sets up nicely, then drizzles hot fudge on top. By the time she serves it to you, it's a perfectly smooth, creamy consistency throughout, making it very easy to keep eating past the point of no return.

They'll try to make you go to rehab. You'll say, no, no, no.

N2030 Spring St., Stockholm, WI

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