Surly wants to build $20 million brewery, pub, and restaurant: Calls on fans for legislative help

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Bold beer needs your help for bold plan
Yesterday Surly Brewing Co. called out to its fans via its blog to help the company build a $20 million brewery-pub-restaurant complex in Brooklyn Center.

The beer company claims it can't be licensed as a brewpub because Minnesota law won't allow it to have a new brewery in addition to the large amount of beer they now brew. Surly is working with legislators "in hopes of getting the law changed because a restaurant, bar, and beer garden have to be a part of the new brewery."

Although Surly doesn't specify what it needs from its supporters at this time, it is asking them to "keep checking [its] web page and Twitter and Facebook pages for updates."


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Dave Jordan
Dave Jordan

They just want someone else to do the leg work instead of paying some lobbyist boatloads of cash to get this done for them.

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