Taco Bell offers free meat tacos to fight allegations of fake beef

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Taco Bell seeks to quell fears of fake beef in light of a recent lawsuit.
Taco Bell was recently smacked with a lawsuit that alleged the Mexican chain was filling its tacos with too much filler to call them "beef."

The Bell responded by taking out full-page
"Thank You for Suing Us" ads in several major newspapers, including the Star Tribune, to tell their side of the story--that their seasoned beef contains 88 percent beef.

In an attempt to win even more customers back, Taco Bell announced its offer of a free taco coupon for the first 10 million people who who "like" them on Facebook.

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It is a fast food restaurant that does not advertise as "100% BEEF"... what did you think you were getting? Another prime example of people pushing blame for their lack of education. Ask questions, get answers and drop these ridiculous lawsuits.


I'm sorry, but 88% beef in my opinion still doesn't make the grade and is misleading. If it's a beef taco, it'a beef taco. A beef plus chemical filler taco is a beef plus chemical filler taco. Serve what you want and buy/eat what you want, but call it what it is.



can everyone complain about taco john's next time? i like their tacos better..

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