Top 5 Super Bowl food commercials [VIDEOS]

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It's all about what happens between the plays
While the Packers/Steelers game was actually exciting, there were plenty of entertaining food moments along the way for all of the nonsports fans watching. Though Christina Aguilera's national anthem mishap was quite the scene-stealer, many people's attention went to commercials.

Here are our picks for the top 5 best food commercials from Super Bowl XLV.

5. Pepsi Max: Revenge
<a href="" target="_new" title="Pepsi Max: Revenge">Video: Pepsi Max: Revenge</a>

4. McDonald's: Bears love fries
<a href="^foxsports_en-us_videocentral&vid=3f19150f-4c46-419f-95d1-6972c5a9a3aa&from=en-us&fg=dest" target="_new" title="McDonalds: Bears love fries">Video: McDonalds: Bears love fries</a>

3. Bud Light: Dog sitter
<a href="^foxsports_en-us_videocentral&vid=cbb7bb60-576d-495d-abd9-627e427196c2&from=en-us&fg=dest" target="_new" title="Bud Light: Dog Sitter">Video: Bud Light: Dog Sitter</a>

2. Doritos: Healing chips

<a href="" target="_new" title="Doritos: Healing chips">Video: Doritos: Healing chips</a>

1. Snickers: Logging

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