5 wines for Valentine's night in

Folie à Deux Wines
Wine can determine fun and sexy, or sweet and romantic
Cooking at home for Valentine's Day? It's not a bad idea, considering it's one of the busiest and thus potentially nightmarish days for restaurants. Even if you aren't a master chef, a well-chosen bottle of wine can make your Valentine's Day meal something to remember.

Here are five wines to create the perfect Valentine's night in.

Terra Valentine.jpg
Terra Valentine Winery
About $30 at local wine stores
5. Terra Valentine Cabernet Sauvignon
This romantically named Napa Valley vineyard's wine has all the jammy goodness of a cab you'd expect--blackberry, currant, etc.--plus a bit of cacao and vanilla for complexity. Pair it with a simple steak and you're guaranteed to have a tasty dinner with your sweetie.

Sin Zin.jpg
Alexander Valley Vineyards
About $20 at local wine stores
4. Sin Zin
Wine critic Robert Parker called this affordable California zinfandel a "hedonistic affair year in and year out." The wine has lots of berry and a bit of black pepper spice. Enjoy it with boldly flavored foods--Italian dishes work great, as does a solid cheeseburger.

R Wines
About $10 at local wine stores
3. Bitch Bubbly
If this Valentine's Day is looking more like Black Monday to you, you can count on this pink sparkling wine from Australia for rescue. It's made of grenache, a type of grape commonly used for Rhone wines, and gives the spunky bubbly a fresh strawberry aroma.

Folie à Deux Wines
About $10 at local wine stores
2. Menage à Trois wines
If you want to skip worrying about wino terms like varietal and vintage, these California bottles are just the ticket. Choose between California Red, California White, Chardonnay, and Rose depending on what you're in the mood for. The playful and sexy name comes from making each of these wines from three kinds of grapes.

Tawny Port2.JPG
Fonseca Porto
Fonseca 10-yr Aged Tawny Port, about $30 at local wine stores
1. Tawny Port
Tawny Port is a sweet dessert wine from Portugal made from red grapes and fortified with brandy. It's characterized by a nutty flavor that comes from barrel aging and its golden-brown namesake hue. Vintage Tawny Ports go great with chocolates, especially melt-in-your-mouth truffles, making it a great choice for Valentine's Day.

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