What was your best or worst Valentine's Day dinner?

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The right Valentines meal is a recipe for romance.
In addition to red roses and hearts, Valentine's celebrations traditionally include a romantic meal. We'd love to know about your most memorable Valentine's dinner--good or bad. Was there a certain chocolate dessert that left you swooning? Did you sweetie set off the fire alarm and scorch the steak? Join the discussion and leave a comment below.

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Rachel Hutton
Rachel Hutton

So I vicariously experienced my worst Valentine's dinner a few years ago when I learned that my parents, who are well shy of their 80s, had somehow ended up spending the year's most romantic day at...Pearson's. (The story involved Dad, who tends not to be an advance planner, suggesting a restaurant that turned out to be closed. On the way home, they were driving through 50th/France and decided to stop, but all of the other restaurants were booked.) Thing is, my parents enjoy an occasional liver and onions indulgence, so they seemed to find the evening perfectly adequate while I was aghast.

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