Are Nigerian email scammers foodies?

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Nigerian emaill scammers now placing massive food orders.
Okay, are we the only ones who have been getting these nonsensical, grammar-defying emails in which the sender is supposedly desperately trying to order massive quantities of food? Have the Nigerian scammers suddenly become foodies, digging on shawarma and BBQ?

Apparently some actual food purveyors have been getting similar messages, like the request one bakery received to prepare "food for my father birthday party and the order is for 300 peoples on the March 4th 2011."

The pleas are falling on deaf ears over here at the Hot Dish, but we did find the messages somewhat entertaining. Check 'em out:

-----Original Message-----
From: Abby Thomas []
Sent: Mon 3/7/2011 6:00 PM
Subject: Re: Shawarma Order for 150 people on the 30th of march!!!


My Name is Abby Thomas,i want to order for Chicken Shawarma and Beef
Shawarma for 150 people and i want two sides like Red Bliss Potatoes and
Israeli Chopped Salad as well and it will be pick up 3pm on the 30TH of
March so can i have the price per person plus tax now pls with the total
price of the 150 people and did you accept credit card for your payment
because am ready to make the total payment now so let me know if you can
make this Ready for the pick up on the event date by 3pm and also i will
need all you full info like a contact name and address and cell number and
office number so that i can have it Forward to the Shipper agent company
that will come to you for the food pick up by 3pm, cos i have hearing
problem that is why am sending you and email,and i am ready to pay 3% credit
card charges as well so let me know if you can handle this for me and get
back to me with the Grand total of everything plus the Tax.

Abby Thomas.*

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Tue 2/15/2011 10:11 AM

My name is Gert Bacoon i want to order for BBQ pull pork and BBQ Ribs for 300 people and i want two sides along with it like Cole slaw and Potato salad and it will be pick up 3pm on the 24th of February,so please i want you to get back to me if you are able to handle these for me with what the price will be per person plus tax and the grand total plus tax.

So i want you to know that this will be a pick up order and it will be pick up 3pm on the event date 24th of February by my shipper agent at your location and did you accept credit card for your payment because i am ready to pay as soon as you get back to me with the grand total via my email
Thank you,
Gert Bacoon.

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