Burger Jones's Dirty Den Mother, a kid's shake with an adult kick

Hello dirty mother...
Dirty Den Mother

Burger Jones
3200 W. Lake St., Minneapolis

Rumor has it that this drink used to have Girl Scout in its moniker, but the management thought maybe a name change was in order. But what we really want to know is: Is this dirty mother worth a swing into the Calhoun Commons?

dirty den mother cherry.jpg
That cherry is slipping.

If it's a grown-up milkshake you seek, you won't go wrong with this tasty treat. It's a mix of creme de menthe and creme de cacao with ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, fresh mint leaves, and a cherry. The liquor barely registers on your taste buds as you suck down the luscious, creamy drink. We had jealous onlookers when it was brought out and set before us.
Dirty Den Mother mint.jpg
Mint garnish and the tin too.

It's offered tableside as well, but we liked sitting up high at the bar and having all the other drinkers experience heavy-duty order-envy. We don't recommend this to people who are trying to lose weight or those who want to tie one on (you'd be bloated before you were drunk), but everyone else should take note. If you like mint ice cream, the Dirty Den Mother is for you.  And the racy name--at the very least it will impress your friends and make you feel macho while you eat what is basically a kid's sundae with an extra kick.

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Vincent Vega
Vincent Vega

Did you just order a ten dollar shake? That's a shake . . . that's milk and ice cream. Last I heard. That's five dollars? You don't put bourbon in it or nothin'?




Impress looking, waitress, I'll take one right now please.

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