Burrito Loco's Charlie Sheen: A "winning" drink of the week for bitchin' rock stars from Mars

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Are you warlock enough?
Charlie Sheen

Burrito Loco
418 13th Ave SE, Minneapolis

As the Hot Dish sat at Burrito Loco the other night with our goddesses, we tweeted to all the turds in the blogorealm that we do, in fact, have tons of tiger blood pumping through our veins. In other words, we ordered the Charlie Sheen.

Here's what we discovered about this "winning" drink of the week.

While hardly the most upscale of cocktails, the Charlie Sheen will definitely refresh and rehydrate as you tie one on. It's a combination of New Monster Rehab (get it?) and citrus vodka. The friendly dudes behind the upstairs bar at Burrito Loco simply drop a shot of the spirit into a glass of the energy drink, and then it's down the hatch for the whole concoction. They'll also mix it into a cocktail on the rocks if you prefer.

charlie sheen poster.jpg
We're tired of pretending too.

We recommend getting it all down at once, even though it's pretty harmless. It basically tastes like an overly sweet Arnie Palmer and has no carbonation. Apparently the New Monster rep suggested it and even provided the bar with posters to capitalize on advertise the new libation. And, if you go on a Sunday evening or Monday late at night, you could get the Charlie Sheen for free (and all other single drinks, too) by correctly guessing which side will come up when your server flips a coin. Even if you have to pay the $6, that's much cheaper than a ticket to his tour (you know--"The Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option"). And you won't have to deal with any warlocks or fastballs either.

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Sheen Fan
Sheen Fan

I watched a show about Sheen last night, he's totally lost his marbles, or maybe he did a long time ago and no one knew it. He must be one of those guys who's only half sane moments are when he's acting.


Learn how to guess the coin toss, I did, I drank for free the other night....WHAT A DEAL!


Where's Robert Downey Jr. when we need him?


$6 for that? Hahaha the bartenders at Burrito Loco are douches

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