City Pages Best Of The Twin Cities app finds best food near you

Best of the Twin Cities time is a joyous occasion over here at CP. We're excited to tell you all about the finds and treasures we've uncovered throughout the Twin Cities all year (and, in some cases,  you tell us!).

But BOTC 2011, coming April 20, is an especially exciting event  because we've just released a free mobile app to coincide with the issue. Now, your smartphone will tell you how close you are to the Best Pizza, Best Dessert, or Best Cocktail.

Here's a walkthrough showing you screenshots of how the app works and where to download it for free.

"Best Of: Voice Places" draws up BOTC winners near you when you type in your location either on your desktop or iPhone (Android platform coming in April).  And it exists for not just Minneapolis/St. Paul, but in many other major cities that host our sister papers (such as New York, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Seattle, etc). So when you visit LA and want to know where to get an amazing breakfast, your app will tell you. 

Here's the home screen where you can browse winners in other categories or plug in your location:


And here's where the magic happens. Results tell you exactly how far away you are from your future bliss and how to get there.


The app is live right now, with 2011 winners debuting April 20, 2011. Try it out today and let us know what you think in the comments!


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Alisha Smith
Alisha Smith

Thanks for the information.. This is a great help to the food lovers.. I am glad I visited here and come to know about it.. I will definitely have such application in my iphone..applepeel520

Max M
Max M

 When can we expect the Android App to be available? The article has April as the date, but it's now halfway through May, and, unless I'm mistaken, it's still not available. Also, will the Citypages team ever release a dedicated app for the Android Market?

Beth Anne Davis
Beth Anne Davis

It's out now! Just released this week, a few bugs might still be getting worked out, but you should be able to download it for the Android Market.

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