Indochin now open on Grand Avenue

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Indochin arrives on Grand Avenue.
Last month, sisters Ha Tu and Thu Nguyen, owners of the Que Nha restaurant at 849 University Avenue in St. Paul, opened a new restaurant, Indochin, at the nearby location of 1702 Grand Avenue.

The Asian American Press reports that the Indochin menu will initially be almost the same as Que Nha's, but, as a reflection of its name (from Indochina, the French name for Vietnam during its colonial days), it will expand to include dishes that demonstrate the French influence on Vietnamese fare.

Right now, look for pho, banh mi, congee, noodle platters, and more. The restaurant's beer-and-wine liquor license should go into effect next month.

1702 Grand Avenue, St. Paul

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Sandy Gerold, Mpls.
Sandy Gerold, Mpls.

Have been there 3 times in past few weeks. The food and service are great. The decor is lovely. Will be returning. =o)

David Gilchrist
David Gilchrist

very tasty. Huge improvement over the terrible huong sen that was there before. Looking forward to seeing how they do as they grow.

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