Kozy's departing the Galleria, Pittsburgh Blue coming soon

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Kozy's never quite caught on the way Jax did.
Why did Kozy's Steak and Seafood, which is operated by the grandson of Jax Cafe founders Joe and Gertrude Kozlak, never quite catch on with Edinans? Maybe when they had a hankering for steak, they missed their old Northeast stomping grounds with the fish pond and the 1930s decor, so they drove across town to the original one rather than substitute with a trip to the restaurant's mod offspring.

In any case, Kozy's is on its way out of Galleria as of March 26, says Minneapolis/St. Paul magazine. But Edina won't be without a steakhouse for long: Parasole plans to open a second Pittsburgh Blue (their lower-priced version of Manny's out in Maple Grove) in the Galleria in 2011. Will Edina eventually get a Parasole concept in Southdale, too?

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Fred Bregel
Fred Bregel

The food was average at best. They just didn't seem to get it. JAX is pretty much the same. If your restraunt going to be top of the line. The food needs to match not just the price.

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