Namaste Cafe's green tea with ayurvedic herbs: a recovery drink of the week

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Find balance in green...
Green Tea with Ayurvedic Herbs
$3.25 small pot, $4.95 big pot

Namaste Cafe

2512 Hennepin Ave. S, MInneapolis

With St. Patrick's Day afoot, we thought a green drink would make sense. But instead of the usual beer, whiskey, and grog, the Hot Dish offers up some counter-programming that is still green, but a mite more healthy.

So what do we recommend as a great green recovery drink?

The calming atmosphere of Namaste Cafe's plain wooden tables and warm paint job changes your mood immediately upon entering its doors and leaving busy Hennepin Avenue behind. A great way to recover from some St. Patrick's Day revelry without packing in calories, sugar or anything else indulgent, is to cuddle up to a beautiful black teapot of green tea with Ayurvedic herbs.

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Drink in the steam

It comes to your table brewing, and as you pour the steeped tea into your white cup, a plume of serenity rises to greet you. The leaves and herbs inside are a Nepalese highland green tea with Vata (air & space), Pitta (fire & water), and Kapha (water & earth) elements added for inner well-being, harmony and clarity, and mental and physical strength, respectively. A slightly woody, spicy taste emanates from the hot liquid as the varying herbs add hints of cinnamon, cardamom, chesnut, ginger, and cloves.

Good to the last ayurvedic herb.jpg
Good to the last ayurvedic drop.

So feel free to unleash your Irish party animal and know that a different kind of green will be waiting for you afterward--when you're ready to recover. 

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Kava Powder
Kava Powder

Tea is generally helpful for the body's system.

Appraiser Now
Appraiser Now

nice blog, i like this especially the message about the tea.


Suck my dick Ayurveda, I'll make some for pennies on the dollar at home.

Pepe Fenjul Jr.
Pepe Fenjul Jr.

Its great to have Namaste Cafe, Tea instead of beer,whisky etc Its herbs with green leaves makes an energising drink.

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