Dayton sons reveal plans for new Warehouse District restaurant

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Dayton restaurant 1.jpg
Michelle Bruch
The 1881 building will feature a garden on the roof and a bar in the basement.
Bright purple panels are coming off the boarded windows at an old warehouse in downtown Minneapolis.

A project to build a new restaurant and bar is now two months into construction. The venture has become a family affair--Eric Dayton and his brother Andrew, both sons of Gov. Mark Dayton, are now partners in the business.

"Now, finally, the windows are going in," says Eric, who had replaced the old, broken windows with green and purple paneling.

Dayton restaurant 2.jpg
Michelle Bruch
Staff will use a rooftop garden to grow produce for the restaurant.
"It's almost to the point where the exterior of the building is complete."

A new restaurant and retailer will occupy the entire first floor, with a cocktail bar in the basement. The Daytons will convert the rooftop into an urban garden, and they will grow vegetables upstairs that the chefs can cook in the kitchen. Because of zoning rules, the rooftop won't be open to the general public.

The Daytons are mum about most of the restaurant details for the moment, but they expect to open the restaurant sometime this summer and open the new retailer later in the fall.

Eric Dayton bought the building a few years ago, while he was working toward an MBA at Stanford University. Andrew is finishing up his final semester at University of Michigan Law School. The brothers helped their dad on the campaign trail, but Eric said the restaurant business has dominated his focus since he graduated in 2009.

"This keeps both of us very busy," he said.

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When I moved to the North Loop nine years ago it was mostly boarded up buildings and parking lots.  If I walked downtown, when I reached Hennepin Ave. on the trip home, I would run all of the rest of the way to my building because there were some really frightening people on the streets.   Then the horrible Trocoderos nightclub took over the corner of N. 1 St and N. 3 Ave.  and on weekends I wouldn't even drive on First St. to get to my garage---I drove out of my way on the Parkway to get home.  Therefore, when I noticed that the historic building where you have located was being renovated, I was so worried that someone was going to put a strip club or other nefarious business in at the site.  It was with tremendous relief that I discovered that a nice food venue and retail shop were going to be the occupants. 

I stopped in to see your shop this PM and was pleased with the range of items.  For the past nine years my friends and family have had to listen to me carp about how little retail we have in the North Loop.  I always capped my rant with, "I can't even buy a pair of socks in my neighborhood!"  When I was in your shop this afternoon I noticed that you not only have socks, but really cute ones!  I BOUGHT SOCKS.

Wishing you much success in your new venture---Welcome to the neighborhood:  We love having you here.      


This has been a major pain in the butt for the residence in the 212 Lofts next door. I hope they understand what a miserable Winter they put us through.  The sidewalk has been closed for months forcing some dangerous situations in this lively area.  We have kids and dogs were trying to  walk.  The street out front sunk 2 feet this Winter where they dug into the road for utilities causing huge issues.  Now every Postal truck that goes by at 3am pounds off the bump jarring our building. The back of the building is worse.  Down right dangerous with construction deliveries and overhead cranes in such a tight spot.  I waited numerous times to get into my own parking garage inconveniently waiting for someone to move a vehicle.  On two occassions Dayton parks his SUV right in the middle of the single lane driveway and stands in front of it and makes me wait for him to finally get done with his conversation before he moves the POS and then glares at me as I exit for work.  Pompess Ass - MOVE!!  I don't give a crap about your little Peer House.

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