Bread, Coffee, Cake bakery in St. Paul crushed by boulder

The sourdough starter will live on.
A St. Paul bakery located near the Wabasha caves met its untimely demise last week after a rock slide caused severe damage to the kitchen.

Owners of Bread, Coffee, Cake -- a.k.a. "BC2" -- say a giant boulder rolled down a nearby bluff and crashed into the backside of the shop. A St. Paul inspector has since declared the building condemned.

BC2 opened on 385 South Wabasha St. in 2006, and has since come to be known for its homemade breads.

Robert Dubuc, the owner, showed up early last Friday to find the damage. He hopes to re-open eventually, but it's too soon to say where.

"Thanks to all who have offered encouragement and kind words with this difficult turn of events," reads a statement on BC2's website. "We are grateful first and foremost that no one was hurt, and we thank our many customers for their business and for referring others to Bread, Coffee, and Cake."

But don't worry -- the bread will live on. The Pioneer Press reports that Dubuc sifted through the wreckage to find his sourdough starter after the accident.

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Saw this on the news, and they mentioned that the asshole insurance company has some bullshit clause (not sure exactly what) that allowed the dickhead insurance company to skate on covering them. God I hate insurance companies with a passion....

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