Goda Cafe now open to serve you goat (and American food too)

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​Moussa Doualeh has worked in several kitchens in the Twin Cities, but on April 5 he opened his own restaurant, Goda Cafe, at 34th and Nicollet in the old Joy's Kitchen space. It will offer both American and what's he's dubbed Afro-Djib cuisine, in an effort to please both the tastes of the neighborhood and the flavors of his East African roots.

To assuage his neighbors, he's got $4.20 quarter-pound cheeseburgers, $2.99 grilled cheese, and $5.59 gyros on the menu, in addition to other straightforward stateside sandwiches. For larger plates, there's salmon ($8.99), chicken ($7.99), and tilapia ($8.99) entrees that all come with vegetables.

But the real draw here is a chance to try the goat.

goda cafe.jpg
Afro-Djib cuisine is promised...
​Next to a walk-in wing joint, Goda Cafe is surprisingly serene inside, with plenty of table seating and a pleasant orange paint job. For now, it's best to check in at the counter and let them know you are there so you can place an order. The American eats are listed on a printed menu, but for now the goat and kk are also available, as long as you know to ask for them.

Soothing decor

Of course, the Hot Dish was intrigued by the goat. It came out of the kitchen on a sizzling fajita plate with onions, peppers, and broccoli, plus a dish full of rice, olives, cucumbers, lettuce, and vinaigrette. Everything was quite fresh, and the goat, which was Halal, per Doualeh, was bone-in and long cooked.

goat a-sizzle.jpg
Goat a-sizzle

The huge portion came with a chicken soup filled with onions and celery, all for $8 while the Goda Cafe is still in the early days. He plans to raise the price to $10 once he gets a larger customer base. However, rumor has it that he gave out some free tastes of his cooking to guests who showed up last week. He will expand the Djibouti-inspired menu if there is demand for it.
goat up close.jpg
Get up close with your goat.

The young folks in front of me gave great reviews of his alfredo noodles, and another man enjoyed his chicken soup and goat. Doualeh, who is originally from Somalia but has been in Minnesota for many years, hopes that these are good signs for the future of Goda Cafe.

Goda Cafe
3400 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis

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friendliest owners I've ever met. They made me feel like I was eating in their home. massive portion! Excellent spiciness. Beef very tender. Free bowls of soup and drinks included in the $6.99 price! Really? Thats unheard of. I would eat here again in the drop of a hat. I love good african food. I want to try the goat next time.


I ate there yesterday and it was phenomenal.  I ordered the goat and it's still as good as this review attests to.


My name is Omar an american and ive been eating from him for many years and its great Always Thanks

Michael of SplendidThings
Michael of SplendidThings

i really want them to do well, but they have to get their act together. when they say "15 minutes" on the phone, and you come in 20 minutes later, they shouldn't look at you and start your order then. please GODA, i really want to help you, but you have to do you part too!

Jillian Lee Brown
Jillian Lee Brown

I just ate at Goda for the first time tonight. I had the fish and rice. It was quite yummy! The rice was amazing, as was the fish... YUM!


This place has great food and a wonderful owner! Best thing to happen to this neighborhood in awhile.


Amazing food I went with my wife de 20 years she loved the food .She said it was out of the ordinary. I like the owner make us feel comfortable very friendly! This place will be amazing .It changed the neighborhood!

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