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Courtesy of JSTK
Michelle Palm loves this one...
With a City Pages photo shoot, an upcoming book, and a website that's been getting all kinds of acclaim, Jelly Shot Test Kitchen is having an amazing year. It's the brain child of Edina resident Michelle Palm, whose stunning gelatin cocktails and top-notch photography make it obvious why she's been getting tons of attention.

To date Palm has made over 100 different types of gorgeous alcoholic delights. To see some more of her jiggly artwork and hear how she got started, read on.

Courtesy of JSTK
Mandarin Cosmo jelly shot

The genesis of JSTK came when Palm went searching for an upscale Jell-O shot for a barbecue and couldn't find any recipes on the internet. So she created her own and never looked back. For that original party, she made cosmopolitans and piña coladas. They must have wowed her friends, because they've continued to encourage (and sample) her delicious designs.

Courtesy of JSTK
Cucumber lime margarita jelly shot

Some of her favorites include the Manhattan, Negroni, and gin and tonic, and visually she loves the double rainbow jelly shooter. Her book will share many of these, with 76 recipes listed. Also, her blog, started in August 2009 to keep friends and friendly up to date on her jellies, reveals how to make several different kinds of shots. However, one drink has flummoxed her--the classic gin martini, which Palm says has turned out more like window cleaner than something edible, so far.

Courtesy of JSTK
Cranberry Ginger Smash

While she does most of the work herself, she has recently taken on intern Doug, whose visage can be seen on the blog (reflected in a jelly shot, of course). At the moment, she doesn't have a kitchen that is appropriate for selling the jellies commercially but says she is working on it. In the meantime, fans can peruse her website, pre-order her book on Amazon, and tomorrow can check out the colorful gelatin-banded window she made for City Pages' Best of the Twin Cities photo shoot (she called it Rothko-esque). And because we can, here's one more of her dazzling gels--the Paloma.

Courtesy of JSTK
A far cry from those college jello shots...

Jelly Shot Test Kitchen website - Michelle Palm

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