Mike Pomeranz Fielder's Choice BBQ sauce: for those who KARE

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Fielder's Choice
Find this bbq sauce @Target Field.
Unless you're a local broadcast junkie or sports fans, KARE 11 anchor Mike Pomeranz's announcement that he's launching a new barbecue sauce into an already crowded market might not have possessed a ton of news value. (You're going to have to do better than describing it as "flavorful, versatile, and unique" to perk up these taste buds.)

But then again, we haven't yet had the chance to try Fielder's Choice, and perhaps it has the potential to become the MVP of local BBQ.

One great aspect of the sauce is that part of the proceeds will be donated to the Minneapolis Heart Institute (maybe this will assuage some of the guilt over gorging on red meat?) and the Boys and Girls Club. Find it at the Twins Pro Shops in the stadium and at their other metro locations.

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Patent Attorney
Patent Attorney

Through a deal with the Minnesota Twins, Pomeranz's new product — Fielder's Choice All Purpose BBQ Sauce — will be available at the Twins Pro Shop locations at Target Field and in Apple Valley, Minnetonka and Roseville. A 19-ounce bottle will retail for $8..

Pomeranz says he developed the Fielder's Choice recipe himself over the past 15 years.

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