Best Mother's Day brunches

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The excess of brunch: triple-fisting coffee, juice, & bubbly.
With Easter come and gone, brunch season has officially begun. Have you booked a spot for Mother's Day--Sunday, May 8th--yet?

If not, here are a few of our favorite places to treat in several different categories:

Outdoor Brunch
It's too early to call the weather yet--puffy coat? rain boots? shorts?--but if the sun is shining, we like to take our French toast and omelets from the sidewalk seats at Grand Cafe, Spoonriver, and Meritage, for starters.

Latin Brunch
If your mom's the casual sort, take her to the funky digs at Victor's; if she'd rather dress up, hit Cafe Ena, where they'll be giving out complementary mango mimosas.

Healthy Brunch
That doesn't have to be an oxymoron. Try Lucia's, where the salads are just as cravable as anything loaded with fat and sugar.

Bargain Hunter Brunch
FireLake's offering a free $20 gift card for each mom who visits on May 8th so she can treat herself to another meal.

Blowout Brunch
Lots of places do buffets, but the Nicollet Island Inn's multi-coursers offer both quantity and quality. Here's what we'd recommend you order:

Start with petite pastries...

Eggs Benedict with leeks and applewood-smoked ham...

Cured salmon with capers, bagel chips, and whipped cream cheese...

This steak's no longer on the menu, but you can go with beef barbicoa....

If you still have room--oof!--there's a lovely mocha cake with coffee ice cream.

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