Panchero's Block E RIP

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Block E is a ghost mall.
Slumping revenues have shuttered tenant after tenant in downtown's storied Block E, including Applebee's and Hooters. But the recent closure of Panchero's Mexican Grill was due to the fast food eatery's not fitting in with the new owner's redevelopment plans, according to Panchero's social media manager, the Journal reports. But aren't burritos a perfect food for eating one-handed while pulling a slot machine lever?

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Twin Cities Pancheros fans can still find their favorite eats at the Bloomington (5200 West 84th St.) or Golden Valley (7746 Olson Memorial Hwy.) locations and laugh away the tears by watching this hilarious ad made with the crew from Minnesota's own Nate on Drums:

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OMG. This is where I always at before Twins games! :(Target Field needs one of these now.


It makes more sense that were pushed out as they always seemed to be busy. So now what? Does Block e kick out Mrs Fields and Jimmy Johns?

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