Starburst prom dress is latest candy wrapper craze

starburst dress 200.png
xxpandafacexx via YouTube
Now, that's a sweet dress!
Yesterday, the internet was all abuzz with talk of a Wisconsin mom's sweet creation. Kerrin Frey made her daughter, Tara's, prom dress entirely from Starburst wrappers. A dress made out of reused candy wrappers is the perfect salute to Earth Day this Friday, so we went searching for even more candy-centric attire. 
While our search turned up several other Starburst prom dresses, like this one by a Michigan teen, we thought you'd appreciate some of the more mature wrapped finds we discovered.

starburst accessories.png
happyauershow via YouTube
No prom, no problem. Wear wrappers anytime.

YouTube is candy wrapper tutorial mecca. Simply search for "Starburst prom dress," and you'll be bombarded with how-tos for head bands, bracelets, and even magazine organizers all made of reused wrappers.

starburst purses.png
happyauershow via YouTube
Leather purses are so 2010.
No matter how the recession has effected your cash flow, you can still afford a couture purse. That is, of course, if you're willing to craft your own candy wrapper one. If you don't have the time (or patience) to create a bag, take a quick trip to and pick your candy wrapper purse, bracelet, or placemat of choice. Prices start at $28.

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