What are your favorite food truck treats?

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Many of the trucks--Fork in the Road, Smack Shack, Dandelion Kitchen--have been rolling out in full force these last few weeks, with Chef Shack planning to reappear at the opening of the Mill City Farmers' Market on May 7th.

What street eats have you been dreaming of all winter? Join the Dish-cussion and recommend a few of your favorite street food fixes in the comments:

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Rachel Hutton
Rachel Hutton

Those might be my three top picks right there: 128 (the ribs are *insane*), Chef Shack (though their burger and mini d's might edge out the tacos), and WSK (chicken curry banh mi w/a salted caramel ice cream sandwich for dessert).

And then I will need a street truck to wheel me home!


love the curry bahn mi from eat world streek kitchen. their salted caramel ice cream sandwich is also the perfect dessert :)


i'm a big fan of the tacos from Chef Shack. plus those ladies are stunningly gorgeous, making my short trek to DT that much more enjoyable.

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