Amore Victoria unveils rooftop plans with eye on mid-summer completion

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Courtesy of Amore Victoria
A rooftop by late summer?
Despite the opinions of Councilwoman Meg Tuthill, the rooftop patio craze shows no signs of slowing down. And the latest to throw their hats in the ring are Alex and Jenna Victoria, who have plans to build on top of their restaurant/labor of love, Amore Victoria. The Lake Street eatery that's known for its warm atmosphere, Italian cuisine, and upscale cocktails will expand up, with construction slated to begin soon.

What will this alfresco mecca look like? Read on to find out.

Amore rooftop wide.jpg
A future on the roof

The Amore patio will be right above the dining room on what would be the second floor. An elevator and stairs will shuttle guests up and down from the open air. The Victorias have been working on the plans and permits since April 2010 and hope to be ready for a mid-summer opening. They plan to add many plants and warm touches that will give it a different feel from the ultra-modern, streamlined design of Drink, Stella's Fish Cafe, or Cafeteria.

Amore roof plans.jpg
The plans are beguiling...

In addition to the patio, the construction will also expand Amore's kitchen, which makes Alex very excited. He heads up the kitchen, while Jenna handles the front-of-the-house duties. She worked with the architect to design the plans, while Alex will act as the general contractor for the building project. The new space will give the servers more room in back, which will make busy nights go more smoothly.

Amore rooftop from front.jpg
A view of the rooftop trellis from the front

As for the ongoing talk of possible patio restrictions, the Victorias have lived in the neighborhood for 18 years and appreciate its vibrancy, however noisy. They are happily raising three kids there and say that Amore's immediate neighbors have been very supportive of the patio plans. After all, as Alex pointed out, Amore is a restaurant and not a club. And who doesn't want to partake of outdoor dining during a glorious Minnesota summer?

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Fantastic! I read about it in SW Journal today as well. "Rooftop Garden" is how they describe it. Sounds phenominal, and exactly what Uptown needs...a little more subdued than the other rooftops.


Wow that is great, I love Amore Victorias and I can't wait to enjoy the roof top patio.

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