Should Minnesota have a state dessert?

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The Wisconsin legislature is circulating a proposal to make the cream puff their state dessert, which got me to thinking: Why doesn't Minnesota have a state dessert?

Our state fruit (the Honeycrisp apple), state grain (wild rice), and state mushroom (the morel) all seem to be relevant sources of pride, while the state muffin (blueberry) seems nearly as arbitrary as Utah's naming Jell-O as its official state snack food.

Many other states already have signature sweets. Most are pies--Florida's key lime, Indiana's Hoosier, Massachusetts's Boston Creme, Oklahoma's pecan, Vermont's apple, and Maine's blueberry (it also has a state "treat," the whoopie pie)--though Maryland has Smith Island Cake, South Dakota has kuchen, and Missouri claims the ice cream cone.

Please join the Dish-cussion and share your suggestions for a Minnesota state dessert in the comments.

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I say that the dessert be vinalla bean cheesecake. Yum!


The answer is "no," because that's stupid.

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