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A new uniform company claims to be "The Breast in the Business!"
Breastaurants--yep, that's really a word--are big business. While casual chains like Applebees and such have been slumping, restaurants that hire busty women to serve their beers and burgers while wearing peekaboo tops are poised to be one of the fastest-growing restaurant categories, according to Entrepreneur magazine.

These restaurants aren't really about the food, or even the UFC fights on the big screen TVs. The breastaurant's key point of differentiation is that it seeks to satisfy the male desire for comely female attention. While most diners expect waitstaff to be friendly and competent, Entrepreneur explains that breastaurant customers seek a "meaningful connection" from their server--a relationship need most people easily meet via significant others, friends, family, and colleagues, no?

Ron Lynch, CEO of Tempe, Ariz.-based Tilted Kilt, explains: "One of our mantras during training is that we want to make a connection with our guests. We practice 'touchology,' which means touch the table often, and make guests feel at home. Sometimes waitresses are providing the best part of a guest's day." Really? Yikes!

So, without further ado, a look at the top 5 brestaurants, from classiest to trashiest:

Brick House
5. Brick House Tavern and Tap
Slogan: Dispensing Happiness to the Common Man
Story: Owned by Ignite Restaurant Group, the company behind Joe's Crab Shack, Brick is beer focused, offering 100-ounce beer bongs with their own taps. There are 17 Bricks, concentrated in Florida, Texas, and the Rust Belt.
Trash Factor: Brick House downplays its girls more than most chains, but while the servers' uniforms do have sleeves, the necklines are plunging enough to show plenty of cleavage and the hems short enough to reveal belly button rings and tramp stamps.
Bone Daddy's.jpg
Bone Daddy's
4. Bone Daddy's House of Smoke
Slogan: The other reason you're here (next to a picture of food).
Story: Founded in 2000, Bone Daddy's has just four locations in Texas.
Trash Factor: The servers' tops are very similar to the ones at Brick House, but the zippered v-neck encourage's the shirt's opening to creep well below the bustline. The web site regularly highlights different servers as the featured "Daddy's Girl."

3. Tilted Kilt
Slogan: A Cold Beer Never Looked So Good
Story: The original Celtic Pub-themed breastaurant was launched in Las Vegas's Rio Casino. A franchisee has opened nearly 80 stores in about 20 states, mostly in the South and the Rust Belt.
Trash Factor: The gals do cover their bikini tops with half-sweaters, but some of the kilts ride so low on the hips that they barely cover the public bone. There's an annual Kilt Girl calendar, too.

Twin Peaks.png
Twin Peaks
2. Twin Peaks
Slogan: Eats * Drinks * Scenic Views
Story: Randy DeWitt grew his Dallas-area Rockfish Seafood Grill franchise too quickly and instead of shutting down stores, he turned them into mountain lodge-themed breastaurants. The chain now reaches five states.
Trash Factor: The "Lumber Jills" wear lumberjack plaid bikini tops that do have sleeves, but they don't cover much else. The khaki shorts are itty bitty. On the web site, there are plenty of calendar images and a photo gallery that's updated daily. Innuendo is everywhere: "Mountain tops should always be within the reach of a man." "Get to home plate at the Peaks." etc. Birthday boys receive a set of antlers mounted on a plaque that reads, "I saw some nice RACKS on my birthday."

1. Hooters
Slogan: Delightfully tacky yet unrefined.
Story: Hooters is the original American breastaurant, founded in 1983. There are nearly 500 Hooters locations in the U.S. with stores in almost 30 other countries.
Trash Factor: Hooters puts its Hooters Girls right at the forefront, and while the tank tops offer relatively modest coverage, a new cropped-waist shirt has recently been approved, harkening back to the original knotted-to-bare-the-midriff shirt. The orange running shorts are short enough to show a little cheek. Hooters has extended its brand to include a calendar, magazine, and even a pageant. For wannabee employees, the website includes grooming standards for Hooters Girls with advice for hair, makeup, and exercise.

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I was looking at a Twin Peaks page and they had a picture of a little girl having her birthday there on lingerie night! I was very shocked

Kevin Campbell
Kevin Campbell

I find it kind of funny that most of these restaurants are located in the south (esp. Texas & Florida). Why are these places so popular with social conservatives in the Bible Belt?

its all relative
its all relative

As a Florida native, Hooters is socially 180 degrees different than it is up here. Its just another family sports bar. Here, Hooters is treated like some sleazy semi-strip club mostly due to the d-bags patrons. Fl servers are actually a bit 'overdressed' compared to what you see on the beach. It cant be too bad if my 70something Grandma wants to go for a margarita and my 10yr old cousin likes their wings.....

Nefarious Newt
Nefarious Newt

Honestly, am I reading The Village Voice or a fraternity rag? I honestly don't know. Some days, there is really good reporting and useful articles; others, there is tripe like this. I'm disgusted, frankly, especially in light of todays ruling that pretty much acquitted two NYPD officers of rape. Do we really need to glorify such institutions of misogyny and sexism? I would have thought we were past things like this... I am saddened to see we are not.


I don't know how anyone who's seen the "Raisins" episode of South Park could frequent one of these joints without feeling fairly ridiculous.


everything about this article saddens me...and it shouldn't, because, you know...boobs.  but it saddens me.


"Trashiest Breastaurant" is a bit redundant.


(i meant to say "they're" not bad)


because the bible belt folks pretend their asexual...believe me, there are MANY skeletons in those closets.


 The tripe you're finding lately, such as this article, is likely coming from the Voice's sister publication CityPages, which has recently taken a head-first dive into the tabloid trash heap. Sorry to hear it's affecting the Voice too.

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