Amu's Madras becomes Indian Garden

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Amu's Madras replaced by Indian Garden.
Once again, the metro's ground zero for South Indian food has a new name on a not-so-different menu. A few years ago the space was Udupi, then Nala Pak, then, last fall the former Udupi crew, including the head chef, came back to reopen the space as Amu's Madras.

The space is now called Indian Garden and has new management and a broader menu of both South Indian vegetarian specialties served at the previous three restaurants, plus several North Indian meat-based dishes.

A few other changes came with the transition. The restaurant is now open on Sundays and the already bargain-priced buffet now costs $1 less.

Indian Garden
4920 Central Ave. NE, Columbia Heights

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The restaurant as Amu's was previously open on Sundays as that is when we went. Ghetto, break out of your paradigm and try it. I think you'll like it.


The building looks scary from the outside...

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