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I'm looking to book a chef's table for my parents 50th wedding anniversary in the Twin Cities next week. The restaurant scene has changed drastically over the last few years and thought you would have some solid recommendations.

We are looking at downtown Minneapolis or anything between Wayzata and downtown. Do you have any suggestions?

Congratulations to your parents! That sounds like a great way to celebrate such an amazing milestone.

Two places in downtown Minneapolis known for their chef's tables are the stunning, contemporary Cosmos (chef John Occhiato, formerly of D'Amico Kitchen, just took over the kitchen) and the classic French Vincent.

If those aren't able to accommodate, I don't think there's anything in Wayzata or along 394 that would offer such an experience, so, instead, I'd send you to south Minneapolis--a little out of the way, but parking will be free.

Cafe Levain and Corner Table offer a more casual (no white tablecloths), intimate setting, but do first-rate work with lots of locally grown ingredients.

For your parent's next anniversary, you can send them to Heidi's, which expects to open its chef's table in late July (H/T Amy).

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I taste the delicious Northern Forests play every bite, and my heart is the most successful in reproducing ham salad celery check dry bright locavorian Mike Phillips, chef and deli WIZ.

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It is an innovative idea. I am happy with your piece of thinking. Your parents will so happy with your party. You must give them surprised. 

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First of all Happy Marriage Day ! to your parents. I pray to god you always take care of them. It is good that you give your parents chef's table on their 50th wedding.

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Jason Dorweiler
Jason Dorweiler

Thom Pham at Wondrous Azain Kitchen is pretty accommodating. They do not have a chefs table, but he is pretty good at customizing this large space to suit any occasion. He can set you up fantastically and definitely make your parents night one to remember. He might even be the one to personally serve your table. Here is a link below for more info...

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