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Bre McGee
Cupcake takes their show on the road.
Last month we told you about the Central Corridor light rail construction's negative and dramatic effect on Chocolat Celeste's customer ​traffic. Well, the construction project has another local favorite shop to adapt. Cupcake, the University Avenue bakery, is the latest business that's moving to combat the disruption.

But cupcake fans shouldn't panic. Rather than closing, Cupcake is bringing the sweets to you, literally.

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Cupcake on the Go
Roll on, Big Red! The Cupcake truck will be parked in Minneapolis
Cupcake on the Go, a food truck loaded with Cupcake's signature sweets, will be parked in various locations in downtown Minneapolis. Pastry chef Kevin VanDeraa explains, "We want people to be able to enjoy our homemade cupcakes and hot coffee without the hassle of dealing with torn-up roads."

If you're itching to find that food truck, simply follow Cupcake on the Go on Twitter (@cupcakeonthego) to find out exactly where to find those goodies everyday. The tweets will also keep you updated on the flavors of the day.

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