Heartland begins serving brunch this weekend!

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Heartland opens its doors for weekend brunch!
Exciting news from chef Lenny Russo: starting this Saturday, June 18, Heartland will be serving weekend brunch. Former Heartland chef de cuisine Robb Moore, who left to open the now-shuttered Cru in Blaine, collaborated on the menu with Russo and will head up the brunch service.

If you work up an appetite shopping at the St. Paul Farmers' Market across the street, you can now refuel with poached duck egg, house-cured ham, tomato, challah toast, and chive hollandaise sauce, or challah French toast with preserved cherry butter. For those who like their brunch from the lunchier side of things there's a fried egg-topped, grass-feed beef "breakfast" burger and grass-fed beef tenderloin steak and eggs.

Heartland is known for sourcing premium local ingredients so I've got high hopes for the breakfast sausage and bacon--though the sides are the priciest I've seen at $10 apiece.

Check out the full menu:

Brunch Summer, 2011

Frittata, three eggs, potatoes, summer greens, tomato aioli, whole grain toast.....$10
Heirloom potato hash, two fried eggs, whole grain toast.....$10
Heartland scramble, three eggs, chèvre, green onions, whole grain toast.....$10
Poached duck egg, house-cured ham, tomato, challah toast, chive hollandaise sauce.....$12
Three egg omelet of the day, whole grain toast.....$12

Pancakes, etc.
Buckwheat pancakes, walnut butter, toasted walnuts, apple syrup.....$10
Challah French toast, preserved cherry butter, confectioners' sugar, maple syrup.....$10
Granola, goat milk yogurt, fresh berries.....$12
Salad of the day.....$12
Lake trout gravlax, cream cheese, tomato, onion, pickled cucumbers, toasted bagel.....$14
Grass-fed beef breakfast burger, fried egg, caramelized onions, choron sauce.....$14
Fish of the day, seasonal accompaniments.....$18
Steak & eggs, grass-fed beef tenderloin, two fried eggs, potato hash, béarnaise sauce.....$24

Two eggs any style.....$4
Heartland breakfast sausage of the day.....$10
Heritage breed pork bacon.....$10
Heirloom potato hash.....$8
Summer greens salad, herb vinaigrette.....$8
Fresh fruit of the season, ginger syrup.....$10
Croissant, fresh fruit jam.....$4
Bagel, cream cheese.....$4

Cheese & Sweets
Midwestern artisan cheese sampler, fruit chutney, whole grain croustades.....$14
Heartland breakfast pastry assortment.....$12
Ice cream sampler, cookies.....$10
Sorbet sampler, cookies.....$10

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Heartland is an amazing place to eat - but the prices are getting a little high.  I am all for supporting local farms and all, but there needs to be some balance here.

SaraMari Rice
SaraMari Rice

The prices go from completely appropriate for what you're getting (I feel like the eggs and french toast fit there), to making me shake my head in confusion. $14 for a burger? At BREAKFAST?! And what seasonal fruit justifies at $10 price tag? Isn't the point of seasonal fruit that it's abundant and affordable? But I can't say I'm not intrigued.Their food was remarkably good the one time I was there. I'm just also confused at how they arrived at their prices.

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