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Drunks, among other things, did away with the dim sum.
After opening in 2006, Jun Bo established a reputation as a favorite Chinese restaurant, particularly for its dim sum brunches. But its late-night weekend hours--3 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays--and alleged lax approach to alcohol service led to significant public safety problems.

The future of Jun Bo, the enormous dim sum palace on Nicollet Ave. and 494 in Richfield, became uncertain as soon as the neighboring Menards purchased the land on which the restaurant sat last March, for a cool $5 million.

The restaurant's life was further shortened the following month when city officials denied approval of the restaurant's liquor license.

The Star Tribune found that in 12 months during 2009 and 2010, 37 incidents involving police were linked to the restaurant, ranging from public urination to assault, and city officials suggested the problems were related to continuing to serve liquor to already-intoxicated patrons.

The worst incident took place on March 5, 2011:

According to police reports, a bloodied man near the entryway was trying to get back into the restaurant to fight someone. When police entered the building, people with blood on their shirts were getting up on stage and trying to take a microphone from a band member. It took 16 officers 20 minutes to clear the restaurant of more than 100 people, and Jun Bo management agreed that the event should be shut down.

Owners Kee and Dan Lo were also not in good standing with the Minnesota Tax Court, which determined that the Los owed at least $74,919 in taxes to the state and Hennepin County. Some of the funds were reported to have been related to dances and concerts organized through an unscrupulous promoter.

At the liquor license meeting, officials had harsh words for the Los. The Star Tribune recounted Mayor Debbie Goettel's remark: "In my time as mayor, I've never seen such a bad actor in this town."

The restaurant is currently shuttered and a telephone recording indicates that the business is closed. Los have not yet responded to Hot Dish's request for comment.


Ju Bo

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Jason Dorweiler
Jason Dorweiler

Man the food was actually decent here, but the service totally lacked. They were so understaffed in this huge restaurant space! I feel like the next person to own this building will just paint over the existing color and slap a new sign on it. That is what the outside of Jub Bo looked like.


And lo: Richfield's seedy underbelly is dealt a crushing blow.


Some of the funds were reported to have been related to dances and concerts organized through a unscrupulous promoter.

Really Rachel, please have someone proof read for grammar and spelling.  I'm embarrassed for you.


Turn it back into Chi-Chi's!

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