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One of the yards described in the Modern Times review, across the street from the Chicago Avenue restaurant.
Kevin Hoffman,
I'm not writing you to try to change Rachel's mind about South Minneapolis and Powderhorn. Nor am I writing to point out that her classist and biased article is factually incorrect (none of the houses on the block where Modern Times is have gutters that sag, lawns that have gone to seed, or rusty bikes as home decor).

I'm writing to ask that you please use your restaurant reviews to review the restaurant, not as a platform to spew your completely inaccurate and sensationalized views of a neighborhood you've obviously never spent time in nor as a pedestal from which to look down on a community that you clearly think you're better than.

As Rachel is clearly incapable of this task, I ask that you find a writer who can stick to the job at hand.

Thank you,
Kayla D

Hi Kayla,
Thanks for writing. My description of the Powderhorn neighborhood was intended as just that. I regret that it came across instead as a judgment. I hope I won't see an effigy of me at next year's May Day Parade, and look forward to many return trips to Modern Times. -Rachel

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wait, i still don't understand what some guy's lawn who doesn't even live on that block has anything to do with the restaurant?


i think rachel should reread the first paragraph of her own article.how is that just a description? you call out residents. this sounds like a KDWB type apology to me. i remember some uproar in this publication about that.    

Mo Dub
Mo Dub

I agree with Lothar. Maybe in addition to growing extra-long grass, all those Powderhornites could work on growing thicker skins. 


Rachel ... you're totally welcome to come out to my neighborhood in Seattle (Ballard), write some reviews, and make any comments you want about our gutters and lawns and rusty crap in the frontyard. (Things can get a tad gnarly out here, what with all the rain. However, the food is a delight.) You just keep on doing what you're doing, girl. You do rock, you know.

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