Minnesota State Fair's top 5 new desserts

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Minnesota Prairie Roots
The State Fair gets a hot and sweet kick.
​Last Friday, the Minnesota State Fair announced which new foods will be debuting on the Midway this year. And while newcomers Jamaican jerk fries and crab fritters sound delicious, we're making the most room in our fair schedule to try these new desserts.

1. Chocolate-covered jalapeno peppers

We've all gotten accustomed to the salty-sweet flavor combinations of salted caramel macarons or chocolate-covered bacon, so we're anxious to see if a spicy-sweet treat is as successful at becoming a mainstream delicacy. Andre's Watermelon's chocolate-covered jalapeno peppers will provide the answer.

2. Dirt Dessert

Gummy worms spark instant nostalgia, and Spaghetti Eddie's will be serving this kiddie classic atop an Oreo, vanilla pudding, whipped cream cheese concoction that's made to resemble a mound of dirt. It all sounds deliciously messy.
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Don't be afraid to get a little dirty at the fair.
3. Sweet Corn Ice Cream

It's exactly what it sounds like. Blue Moon Dine In Theater is mixing sweet vanilla ice cream with kernels of sweet corn for this seasonal treat. We're particularly thrilled about this pairing. Who doesn't love a serving of ice cream with their veggies?
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Closet Cooking
Meet the sweeter side of veggies.
4. Grilled Yankee Apple Pie and Chocolate Sandwich

Moe & Joe's Espresso Bar is filling a grilled brioche with a little bit of Americana. Melted chocolate covers apple and spices, and each pastry is dusted with powdered sugar. 

5. Deep-fried Cookie Dough

You knew we couldn't make it through a State Fair top 5 food list without including at least one fried goodie. As though eating raw cookie dough isn't indulgent enough, Sonny's Spiral Chips and Tornado Potato will be frying them in sweet batter and sprinkling each ball with powdered sugar. We're curious to know if the dough inside the batter stays doughy after the dousing in grease.
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The Nerd's Wife
A classic gets a hot, greasy upgrade.

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