The Inn RIP

Photo by Tony Nelson
Beyond pub grub: The roasted red and yellow pepper plate
First Subo, now this?​The rumors started swirling this afternoon, and the Star Tribune confirmed it: The Inn, which opened late last fall, is shutting its doors.

Co-owner Tim Niver told the paper that he doesn't blame the restaurant's tucked-away 10th Street at Marquette location, citing the long runs of former eateries that inhabited the space, Hell's Kitchen and Le Peep. (Though the space's former inhabitant, the well-reviewed Subo, also lasted less than a year.)

Niver acknowledged that business wasn't as good as they needed it to be and said he wasn't really sure why. The caliber of the food and drink certainly can not be blamed. Several items will be sadly missed, including the roasted red and yellow pepper salad, the house-pickled herring, the dinner roll (and the accompanying orange marmalade), the beef short ribs, and the Slim Shim cocktail.

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Beth Anne Davis
Beth Anne Davis

This is so disappointing! I just had a great dinner there last week.


Location's not the best. Maybe until /something/ draws the crowds into the south side of downtown to sustain them...?


Oh wow, that's a little surprising and very disappointing.  I really liked The Inn on the several times I visited --I told others to go.  I liked the food and the bartender knew what the heck he was doing.  A real shame.  I guess the location is to blame --I do remember eliminating it from contention a few times because of parking and walking in the cold when there are more skyway friendly options downtown. 

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