Angry Catfish to host barista competition

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Gordon Bellaver pours some art.jpg
Marsha Trainer
After winning the last latte art competition, Gordon Bellaver will judge this one.
The Twin Cities barista competition is back. This time, the late-night latte art-making event takes place on Thursday, July 14, at Angry Catfish, beginning at 10 p.m. (doors at 8 p.m.).

Many details go into creating the perfect coffee drink, but this competition focuses on appearance and presentation of the beverage: hearts, rosettas, and tulips are traditional images, but competitors may attempt more original designs as well, so long as they restrict themselves to a free-pouring technique, vs. creating the art with an etching tool.

Judges will include Seth Lester, resident barista at Angry Catfish, and last competition's winner Gordon Bellaver, proprietor of Bull Run Coffee in Uptown.

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