Bull Run Coffee's Iced Nutz brings Nutella to the drink of the week

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What's in a name?
Iced Nutz

Bull Run Coffee
3346 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis

Sure Bull Run does a swell pour-over with beans that are classier than you, but what about those days when you wake with a need for a combo of java and sweet to propel you through the morning? Can they deliver on that promise too?

The Hot Dish crawled out of bed wayyyy before our wakey time to find out if the Iced Nutz could give us the cool, choco-espresso fix that some days require.

Home of the Iced Nutz

A full list of new "mixed" drinks confronted us early in the a.m. at Bull Run, but between the name and the Nutella, we were unable to turn away from the Iced Nutz. A kind of modified mocha that has Nutella, cocoa, Castle Rock milk, espresso + Awesomeness (according to the menu), it's shaken like a cocktail and poured over ice in a tall glass.

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Who doesn't like Nutella?

We greedily shepherded the icy concoction to our sun-filled table and slurped at it for sustenance. Our animalistic instincts were rewarded. The nutella-cocoa combo is gentler, almost lighter, than the traditional chocolate mocha and blends seamlessly with the espresso, while the flecks of cocoa give it a bit of visual interest (so it's not just a glass of brown liquid). And yes, we're suckers for high-quality milk.

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A typical morning at Bull Run

So don't be timid if you're looking for a delicious drink to help you rise and shine. Iced Nutz, despite the dubious name, can bring you fine dairy, Nutella nostalgia, and a smooth espresso experience if you're open to it. Embrace the hip yet friendly air of Bull Run and you'll be brought gently but firmly into your day.

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Bull Run Coffee Bar

3446 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN

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