Kieran Folliard leaves pub business--don't panic!

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Tony Nelson
Folliard sold his bar business to focus on whiskey.
In the past few months, the Twin Cities' most famous Irish face, pub owner Kieran Folliard, has been launching several other food and beverage businesses. First, there was the Green Ox meat company he started with charcuterie king Mike Phillips, and then, his new whiskey brand, 2 Gingers, made in Ireland and bottled in Minnesota by Phillips Distilling.

This week, Folliard announced that he sold his share in the pubs he co-founded, the titular Kieran's Irish Pub and the Local in Minneapolis, Cooper in St. Louis Park, and the Liffey in St. Paul.

The move was made, the Star Tribune explains, because liquor laws don't allow distillery owners to also own retail outlets. For Folliard to take 2 Gingers to liquor store shelves and beyond this fall, he had to cut ties to his bars.

The good news is that Folliard's longtime business partner, Peter Killen, another Irishman, has taken over operations, so few changes will be in store. Though Folliard joked that Killen may consider changing the name of Block E's Kieran's.

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not a good news for us..........any how best wishes to kieran


Best wishes to Kieran! Folliard's charisma and integrity are almost legendary, but industry insiders also admire how well he treats his employees. In this crazy industry, many of us "share" employees because so many cooks and servers work two part-time jobs. Our staffers have nothing but the highest praise for this good man, and we wish him nothing but the very best. Mitch Omer and Cynthia Gerdes from Hell's Kitchen

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