Superior Lake Trout is a great--local, wild, & year-round--catch

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Lake Trout salad.jpg
Glaze a Lake Trout fillet with honey/mustard, broil, and serve with salad.
Does your stomach love Alaskan king salmon more than your pocketbook? Try a Lake Superior substitute. Our local Lake Trout is a member of the char family (think Arctic Char) that has a milder flavor than salmon, but a similarly luscious, fatty texture and costs roughly half as much at about $10 a pound. Lake Trout can be cooked in a similar manner as salmon and used in the same sorts of recipes--during hot weather, a broiled fillet makes a great salad protein.

This past May, the Wedge co-op started selling Lake Trout supplied by Lou's Fish House in Two Harbors, which processes fish caught by Lake Superior boats and drives the product straight to the cities. Not only is the catch local and wild, but it's very fresh. Plus, while the wild salmon season can be fleeting, Lake Trout are available year round.

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