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Another Osaka pops up in Golden Valley.
The Osaka Japanese restaurants have quietly grown into quite a little suburban empire. The ninth one just opened in Golden Valley at 6440 Wayzata Blvd. off of 394, the former home of the quickly shuttered Mexican restaurant, Ciento. (Each location is operated by separate limited-liability companies involving various business partners, though most can be located on the websites and

Between the sushi bar and hibachi grills with their teppanyaki chefs, the newest Osaka restaurant, like the others, brings a strong entertainment aspect to the dining experience.

Osaka Golden Valley
6440 Wayzata Blvd., Golden Valley
Hours: lunch and dinner daily



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unsatisfied customer
unsatisfied customer

While our sushi surpassed our expectations, the atmosphere in the restaurant is too bright and way too loud and most of all, the service was dismal.  Our waitress had no personality at all and she was reluctant to check back with us after literally dropping our food on the table.  We wanted another glass of wine which did not get delivered until after we were done with our sushi.  The worst, though, was the behavior of the manager.  We saw him yell at his hostess, push our waitress hard on her back to make her move quicker (she was moving fast anyway - no need for that) and when we questioned him about our bill he was very abrupt and rude and threw our bill on the table.  He needs to learn how American customers like to be treated when they go out for dinner - respectfully - not like a tyrant father on a rampage!


While I'm happy to see increasing interest in Japanese cuisine, I really wish the quality on offer was better (especially as someone who grew up with the inexpensive, quality options of an area like SoCal). With that said, if it takes three Osakas to get another restaurant like Masu or Obento-ya, then I'll take it. Just don't ask me to eat the horrific quality sushi they sell at spots Byerly's, LOL (seriously though, how do Minnesotans not get a little annoyed that the supermarket offerings on the coast are the same price or cheaper at a much better quality). /food rambling


Seriously, you don't get why sushi costs as much or more than on the coast? This makes everything else you said sound like you work for their competitors.

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