Rare Steak & Sushi replaces Zahtar in the Grand Hotel

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Rare Steak & Sushi
The name has changed, but the menu's similar.
The new owners of the Grand Hotel have been making a few changes, including recently upgrading the lobby lounge to the Six15 Room. As of a few weeks ago, management said that the upstairs Zahtar restaurant would be staying the same. It is, mostly. But the restaurant, which is owned by LifeTime CEO Bahram Akradi (David Fhima was an original partner and executive chef), is modifying its menu and operating under a new, more straightforward name, Rare Steak & Sushi. (The other Zahtar, in the Eden Prairie LifeTime, was replaced by The Herb Box last year.)

Chano Bustamante will remain the executive sushi chef and is incorporating more sustainable fish to the menu. The Business Journal reports that the owners made the concept less Moroccan, and more steakhouse, by adding more red to the color scheme and focusing on grass-fed steaks such as a 14-ounce top sirloin for $16 to a 20-ounce boneless ribeye for $28.

The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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Zahtar by Fhima

615 2nd Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN

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