Republic's cheap, simple and good happy hour of the week

Republic sign.jpg
New happy hour, same moose head
221 Cedar Ave. S., Minneapolis

Hours and Details:
Daily, 4-6 p.m.
$3 Domestic tap beer
$3 House wine
$3 Rail drinks
$3 French fries, Chips & Guacamole
$5 Burgers (grass-fed beef or turkey)
$5 Fish tacos

This newbie in U-Town has a killer patio and tons o' taps, but does it pass muster with the Hot Dish?

Bar at republic.jpg
Domestic taps aplenty

How can you resist the stuffed animal heads in the barroom? Yes, they took over Sgt. Preston's, which may depress some old timers, but Republic certainly didn't make it a glitzy spot. The decor is still mid-century cabin and the outside seating remains unfussy. What they have done is up the ante on the food and drink, featuring local ingredients and lots of craft beers, while keeping intact the chill prices and mellow vibe that suits the university crowd.

fish taco republic.jpg
$5 Fish Tacos

Verdict: The happy hour reflects those positive changes and keeps it simple by making all the drinking specials $3. The Jack Tone house wine is fine (big pours) and by all means have a cheap rail if you must, but the true bargain here is the beer. When they say domestic, they mean Rush River, Surly, Left Hand, Deschutes and many more lovely brews. Basically anything from the good old U.S. of A. is discounted, so feel free to enjoy a Fulton, Flat Earth or Dave's Brewfarm. For a paltry $5, a grass-fed burger or pair of scrumptious fish tacos (they keep the piece of tilapia whole in each one) will complete your cheap, simple and good happy hour experience. Our only complaint is that it has no late night counterpart -- but that's rather greedy of us, seeing as it's already a daily deal.

Location Info

Republic at Seven Corners

221 Cedar Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN

Category: Music

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They sure never seem to be busy.  Saturday it was packed on the Town Hall patio around 4-6pm but no one sitting on the patio at Republic.


Happy Hour, or not Republic is one of my new favorite places in the TC


This has been a hidden favorite with my girlfriend and some of my buddies since they reopened.  Parking is nearly nonexistent, so we always take our bikes.  But you can't beat a $3 Arrogant Bastard or Worthy Adversary or Matacabras.  We went there yesterday (and ran into a fundraiser, so the happy hour pricing wasn't in effect) and had burgers for the first time, and they are phenomenal.  The cheddar cheese w/ bacon one is craveable.  Mmm...  Looking forward to Friday, just to dip from work a little early and go to Republic.

Oh, and great local music is always pumped through their speakers.


I was there on the Friday and Saturday before last, and the patio was packed.  It was almost too humid to be on the patio yesterday, so that was dead, but the inside was also packed.  Even when it's not happy hour, their beer prices are pretty nice...

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